5 ways to improve your Facebook engagement today

Before you can post engaging content, you have to understand what the purpose of your Facebook page is and what it is not. Your page is not a place to advertise your products and services. That was never effective. Now, Facebook is slamming the door on businesses who run “Taco Tuesday” type of posts.

When your ideal customer scrolls through their news feed, they are not looking for ads. They are looking for entertainment or inspiration. When you have the right strategy, you can get their attention. You’ll need to consistently post engaging content if you want to keep their attention.

Every business has it’s own personality which means that the type of content that works best on your page may not work at all on mine. These five strategies will work for you if you are diligent.

1) INSPIRE – This is your most sure-fire way to get likes, comments and shares. We all need a little inspiration in the morning. People love to share inspirational posts so make it look good and it will get loads of engagement! This is one of the most popular posts I’ve ever used.

It worked because it’s:
a) a great quote that any business person can relate to
b) not over-used
c) attention-grabbing
d) fitting for my page

Inspirational posts get the most shares.

Inspirational posts get the most shares.

2) USE HUMOR – We all love to laugh. We watch crazy cat videos, bizarre BuzzFeed videos and all sorts of others. We also love cartoons. Someecards are always a big hit too. Be sure that everything you post is appropriate for your page.

3) BEHIND THE SCENES – Your customers and potential customers love to see what goes on behind the scenes of your business. It makes you more human, relatable and interesting. One day while shopping for office supplies I discovered thumbs-up sticky notes. I took a picture with my phone and posted it. It was appropriate because I’m a social media coach.

4) PROVIDE VALUE WITH TIPS – This is one of the best ways to remain relevant and build relationships. This is also going to be one of the easiest things for you to post once you really pay attention. I call it keeping your eyes and ears open. People ask you questions about your business all day long. Your content ideas are endless!

5) ASK SIMPLE QUESTIONS – Asking questions can be the easiest way to engage your audience. Here are a couple of tips for asking questions:
a) Make it simple for people to respond
b) Use fill-in-the-blank questions such as “The best part of my day was _____ .”
c) Avoid asking “why” questions. They require too much work.

These posts have worked for me, my clients and countless others. Try one today and make a plan to post every day. When you communicate with your followers, you will be more likely to expand your reach. Good luck and enjoy communicating with your customers!